Someone Else’s Life Matters, Too

I donated blood today. I try to do that as often as I can. I do that not because I get something out of it. I do that because I want to give someone else a chance – a chance to survive and continue living, loving and caring.

Today, I asked the technician if there are many people donating blood. She said there were plenty, sometimes, even more, they could handle. So, apparently voluntary blood donation in Germany is not a small thing. Germans care.

On contraire, the same question posed during my blood donation in my home town in Bulgaria yields a very different answer – “You are the first voluntary blood donor today, Mister.”
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Are You Optimising For Voice Search?

Voice search is not just another buzzword gaining traction in meeting rooms, around water coolers or after work cocktails. It is poised to become part of everyday business.

According to a Strategy Analytics report, 60 Mn households have a smart speaker with Amazon and Google holding the majority stake. And while this number seems to be a bit small on a global scale, it will only grow for the foreseeable future. In fact, the market of electronic boxes interacting with you is estimated to be $30 Bn by 2024.
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Why Didn’t You Tell Anyone?

Why didn’t you tell anyone? What didn’t you contact the police immediately after your boss or the boss of your boss assaulted you? Why didn’t you tell your parents that the priest touched you inappropriately after choir practice? Why you never told anyone about your husband beating you?

Getting over abuse and being able to speak about it is a very very hard thing to do. Images flow back in one’s mind every time one thinks about what happens. Or perhaps, one chooses to block completely this memory from surfacing. That horrible act leaves deep traces in the psychological state of a person. Many years can pass before she or he can tell anyone about it.
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