What I Read In April

During the month of April, I have read some books and papers that left a deep impression on me. Previously I have shared on this blog recommendation on a book concerning Digital Marketing, UX, IA, and Social Media. Each and every one had its designated post. But lately, I have started pushing myself to find the time to read more. Consequently, I have decided to share with my readers a list of my readings on a monthly basis (whenever I have something to share, naturally).

I hope these collections of monthly readings inspire you at least a bit. They certainly put my mind into reflection mode. And here are the ones that made my April readings list.
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Sorry, Devs – User is The King – Get Over It!

Discussing Mobile OS User Experience


Lately, I have been under fire on Twitter for saying that Apple’s iOS offers the best user experience among mobile platforms. This cannonade comes particularly from the developers’ side of the equation, not the UX professional one. I guess this is more due to the perception that I am some sort of fan boy when it comes to this particular brand. I might be to some extent and I certainly find myself subconsciously biased on occasions. After all, I’ve been using Apple products since 2006 on a personal level and many others in my work – Microsoft, Dell, Android, Blackberry, HP etc… None of the latter has ever offered me a user experience getting even closer to the one that iOS has.

I am getting here on the wrong foot, am I not?
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TIMBUK2 And Social Customer Service

On January 24, 2013 one of the clips on my TIMBUK2 Мessenger D-Lux Bag broke due to harsh weather conditions. To be fair, it was the second time, cause low temperatures cause the plastic to wear off in general and become fragile. About 40 days ago another one broke, but I replaced it with a spare I had on the other strap that came with the bag…

I’ve had my TIMBUK2 bag for about two years. It is one of the things I carry around every day that I cannot live without. It is functional and I can put everything in there – my iPad, my Friday antipasti bought at the market, my umbrella and even my niece when she was a bit younger… So you can imagine how devastated I was when the clip broke…

Since I already knew beforehand that TIMBUK2 does not have retail shops in Germany (I got my bag on Amazon.de), I decided to battle my own laziness and took a picture immediately attaching it to a tweet addressed to @timbook2:
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Usable Usability – The Book

"Usable Usability" by Eric Reiss

“Usable Usability” by Eric Reiss

Usable Usability: Simple Steps for Making Stuff Better by Eric Reiss

Eric Reiss has a bunch of stories to tell – all interesting and offering something to learn from. He has been meddling with usability for so long that each and every one of the stories he tells has a spice of it.

“Usable Usability” has a story and stories. It is a guide through experience in a combination of shared reference, something that we (the readers) understand, but not necessarily made a mental note when we encountered the same situation. I regard Eric’s new book as a wake-up call.
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