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The First Seven Years – #Twitter

My relationship with you, Twitter, started late. I met you during the spring of 2009 and I became the 30-something-million toddler playing in the sand box. Since then many things has happened in our relationship. I used you and abused you. I was faithful and unfaithful. I treated you nicely and sometimes not so much. But I #LOVE you -deeply, unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

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Twitter, Chukolov and Eurocommunications

This was supposed to be a coherent response to my wondering how a person that received a Master in European Studies and Eurocommunications could possibly find a rapport to a chauvinistic and extreme rightwing party like ATAKA. The initial conversation that involved couple of tweeps of mine evolved around the “About me” section on Chukolov’s website and him mentioning his education. He was mentioned only by his Twitter handle within one of the tweets.

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