Schwarz und Weiß – Kölner Dom

On my recent trip to Cologne (or Köln as it is originally meant to be), I shot a number of photos of the famous cathedral (Kölner Dom) in the city.  The weather was very cloudy and it kind of felt right to have them in black and white.  Well, the sky and the architecture shades certainly predisposed me to see the images in an applied Moriyama effect.

Black and White or Schwarz und Weiß, here we go… What do you think? Would Kölner Dom look prettier in colour or the way my eyes and mind saw it?
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To Ljubljana, Zagreb And Back

Both Ljubljana in Slovenia and Zagreb in Croatia have been on my list for years. I have heard so many good words from people I have met. And they were all right. These two cities are simply amazing.

A walk through Ljubljana’s relatively small, but quite impressive old centre will give you a treat to the eyes. This is exactly what I have experienced. Both sides of the river Ljubljanica are offering a picturesque trip back into the past of this old city. And the castle on the top of the hill presents an interesting restoration approach merging old and new – a must-see when visiting the city.
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Prague – A Trip Of Lights

Prague is a true beauty… A princess. A city of many architectural virtues, great beer and delicious food. It is also the first city that I literally tore apart my shoes by walking too much. Nonetheless, it is only the shoes that complained… I shall go back one day.

This was a Prague trip of lights… in many different ways. Indeed, the photographic opportunities were amazing. The light conditions were just perfect. And somehow I couldn’t resist but to see a few shots through my Moriyama filter. So you will not see below a presentation that features the same tonality or vision. Just like the city itself – on one side the great sights and on the other the touristy flashy and quite not interesting (to me at least) shops.

Check out the photos and tell me which one is your favourite shot!
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Würzburg Trip – A Fest Of Colours

Würzburg is a city of wine… Or so people say here in Bavaria. The truth is that I had a couple of amazing glasses of Rose and Riesling at a kiosk on Alte Mainbrücke (the old bridge on the Main river).  This is a must-do for anyone travelling to the city. Especially when walking around the castle on the hill and looking at all the vineyards surround it…
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Trips and User Experience

It seems blogging is taking more and more of my time and devotion.Which gives me quite a joy, by the way.

This time, however, I published a piece on information design, trips and user experience at FatDUX’s blog. So if you fancy a read, please visit this link! Don’t forget to browse beyond my post! There are some very interesting thoughts that deserve a read.

Update: You can also read the post below, but you will be missing the great posts available at FatDUX’ Blog

Trips and User Experience

We all take trips on regular basis. They might differ in destination, purpose and pace, but nonetheless we travel to that finale we once set foot to. And while we are at that, we do not venture on a flat surface, but rather go through a maze of intersecting multiple such ones. What I am trying to say is that we all have an ultimate goal, and although there are twists and turns in each road map we all get there eventually.

A few days back, I had to fly to Germany for one day – a quick in and out into the heart of technological country’s capital Munich. There were two meetings to attend and both of them required extensive hops on the trains. Now, my German, if I can say I have any, is strictly attached to the fact that I speak French and English. And if I try very hard, from time to time I can make up the meaning of all these signs, names and direction. I have to say that prior to the trip I was worried. No one was supposed to pick me up from the airport and I had to find my way in a city I have never visited before.

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