I Want To Get Away

I want to get away. Preferably somewhere far away and for a relatively long time. Perhaps Oceania, New Zealand, Patagonia or Chile. Somewhere I have never been and definitely different from anything I have seen before.

I see all these people behind the accounts on Instagram. They never stop exploring places unknown. They eat exotic foods and fruits. They take pictures of waterfalls, temples or interesting nature forms. They sit on top a mountain or dive into the sea to swim with the fish and turtles.
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Madrid For 24 Hours

Madrid is a place I am always up for revisiting ever since I was a student there. It made an embedded impression on me back in ten years ago, as much as it did in 2017, when I flew in with a friend for a football game – Spain vs Italy.

To put it simply, this is a city one needs to live in and savour. Tourist visits with limited timeframes don’t do it justice. There is so much to see and experience – the museums, architecture, sports events, parks, food… It is simply one of Europe’s gems.
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Italia, Italy…

It is always hard to write about experiencing Italy. One returns from a trip to The Apennines thinking that photographs will be worked on immediately, the text for the blog post will be written, and the frames to go with it will be exported and ready for upload. Then life strikes and one is carried away…

Two years later, here it is – the proof an epic ten-day journey starting in Bologna and finishing in Naples. That very trip that took us to Florence, Siena and Rome on the way to our last stop. And the exploration of places, architecture and tantalising culinary wanderlust.

Visiting Italy is beyond seasons. The weather cannot stop you from seeing and tasting. She only asks you to keep the cap off you lens in your pocket and the eye on the viewfinder. She teases with salami and bread, wine and cheese, salty and sweet desserts… She is not at all only about pasta and pizza. She can offer you experiences you expected and some you have never suspected existed.

It is hard to put it all on paper. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I wouldn’t know how to do justice in describing the small family restaurant with four tables in Siena. The Egyptian waiter in Napoli, who made everything possible to make us feel good, or the mother and daughter from Salerno, who were giving us tips while dining next to us. I certainly wouldn’t know how to describe seeing a good friend from my time in Shanghai… after almost a decade of being apart.

Naturally, the endless walks among the archaeological bonanza in Rome, stomping around in old Firenze, browsing the narrow streets of Bologna and Siena, or discovering another Europe in Naples, all these experiences can only be lived.

And since I am not able to put Italy on paper, I’d like to do that through my photographs. Tell me what you think! Your comments are more than welcome.
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Maravillosa Sevilla

Two weeks ago we took a weekend trip to wonderful Sevilla – a treat for the senses. The architecture is simply amazing, the food is more than delicious and witnessing a flamenco performance is simply extraordinary.

Upon arrival, the Sevillian heat hit us hard. It was nothing like the one I was used to in any other places on this earth I’ve visited or lived in. It was dry and persistent, embracing you with no way for you to escape its hug unless you get inside with the AC fights it successfully off. After all, Sevilla is the second hottest city in Spain and in Europe, I think… However, it was not strong enough to even make a difference while we were exploring the city.

Again, I found it difficult to pick up the camera and take a picture of everything that caught my eye. Besides, the sun was so strong, that I hardly doubt any photograph would do justice to anything I would try to picture. Alcázar de Sevilla, Plaza de España, the Catedral de Sevilla, la Giralda, and Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla were all visited during the day when the sun is high in the sky. I took, however, some pictures.
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Basel – A Photographic Impression

Basel is a city of many virtues and sights. It is a rich one not only history wise, but also in modern happenings. There is always something happening in the city.

For us, it was interesting to browse through the streets, churches and museums and learn about the Protestant Reformation and how the city came to be the way it is now. There were also many surprises along the way from day one. We saw a cafeteria for the first time being established in a… church. In that very protestant church, we saw an exhibition of the different types of veils Muslim women use to cover their heads. Here goes the prejudice of firm limits to the Christian faith. It seems that there is a way to cross those borders people impose on themselves. Well, the Church just as much.
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