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Social Media Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Every so often in my job or during my consulting gigs, I stumble upon the same problem over and over again – social media is perceived as a destination and not a journey. Businesses want to be on social media and for many of them it is still enough just to have a page on LinkedIn and Facebook or a profile on Instagram and Twitter set up.

Important things like editorial calendar, topics’ variety, hashtags and own voice are rarely included in the planning process. They seem to be either an afterthought or even something not to worry about at all. And this is where, in most cases, the effort breaks.

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A Broken Bike Light Reflection

Last April, I bought a really nice bike (and somewhat expensive). It has taken me quite a long time to choose it. I was looking for something I can ride fast to work, but also use it for recreation on gravel and long asphalt runs.

Everything was going fine, but not long after the purchase, the light stopped functioning. This was not a problem at the time. The day was growing longer and anyway I was not biking late at night, especially after dusk. Besides, I was working 12 hours a day and the only time I could possibly go to get it fixed, would be on Saturdays.

Naturally, I was procrastinating and pushing my visit to the shop, I purchased my bike until the summer was almost over. I thought I would just go in, tell them what the problem is and leave the bike there to be fixed. To my surprise, at the end of August, the shop was under renovation. The note said, “We’ll be back for you on November 1, 2018.”

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Mind The Touchpoints – Travelling With The User – Part VI

In this day and age, the content we create reaches the user at multiple touchpoints. Life has speeded up tremendously in the last couple of decades. Society moves at a pace that seems more hectic each following day. We are increasingly mobile and so is the user. Content is consumed at increasingly numbered touchpoints.

The first thing you do in the morning after waking up is to check out your phone. On the way to work you are on your tablet or listening to a podcast or an audiobook in your car. At work, you sit in front of a computer and so the day goes on.

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