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Simple, Beautiful And Ad-Free – Questions For 5.5 Million Ello Dollars

Ello is the hype nowadays. The ad-free social network has just raised a $5.5 million venture capital funding aimed to help the company work on the backend architecture and offer less glitches when users try to login.

Am I oversimplifying it? Nope. Ello has been getting so much attention and has been growing in the tens of thousands for the past couple of weeks. People seem to be lured by the promise that their data will not be shared with anyone. It’s simply promised on the setting up account screen – “You are not a product.”
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You Are The Product, Stupid!

On and off there is this rant on social media about platform user interface, privacy and functionality changes. Every time Twitter, Facebook and other social networks introduce something new to their design or functionality, the user base goes berserk. So it happened recently with the new Twitter profile page, or the changed Facebook timeline, or even with Condoleezza Rice starting work at Dropbox.

For them, you are not a “user”, you ARE the product, dear! Or more correctly – the content YOU create on their platform. So you are the product and this product Facebook or Twitter sell to advertisers, not their platforms. So get over it and channel your disagreement towards making the content better!
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On (B)Endorsements

Endorsements are a relatively new thing (at least on LinkedIn). There have been out there for people to prove the possession of particular skill that is verified by a third person. In the past, this was done by a letter of recommendation. Now, it is a button that says “ENDORSE”. One click it and you are done.

Yesterday, I gave my professor from school @elreiss a +Klout on “Pole Dancing”. Two weeks ago I endorsed @muiiio for “Chocolate”. And a week before that I verified @cipisec skill “Beer”. All these lads are Internet Marketing professionals. None of them is a recreational stripper, chocolate chef or a brewer. They are just guys with a sense of humor pinpointing an issue.
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The Foundation Of Personal Approach To Expatriate Messaging

Expatriate Messaging is a growing trend in a cross-channel communication greased up by the chain of tools available at to us today – technology, social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and the likes, and naturally our human nature willing to communicate emotions and experiences.

As I blogged previously, “Part of the social graph each individual keeps is the ability to shift between channels as s/he pleases.” Yes, I am talking about the personal use of these channels. The brand one differs quite a bit, mainly because the user is the one that decides how to engage with the corporate communication, not the other way around. But this is a topic of another blog post that will come later. Now I will focus exclusively on the personal type of expatriate messaging.
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On Facebook Buying And The IPO

FacebookSo Facebook is on a shopping spree… This is not necessarily a shocking chain of events. But give the fact that the world is only two weeks away from being able to buy freely Facebook shares on the market, it kind of makes me wonder a bit. Well, just trying to figure out what is the end game, not the first move on the board.

It was first Instagram for the staggering number of USD1,000,000,000 (give or take). Then it was Glancee. Well, not for that much, but still enough for Facebook to file yet another amendment to its prospect and the SEC.

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