Rocket Surgery Made Easy – The Book

"Rocket Surgery Made Easy" by Steve Krug

“Rocket Surgery Made Easy”

“Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems” by Steve Krug

I don’t know why Steve Krug’s starts his second book by letting us know that he hates writing. Contrary to his beliefs, I think he is born to explain usability in both verbal and written format. Even though I know a bit about Usability and User Experience, he managed to blow my mind again by putting “scary” (too many) concepts and action into something easily understandable and moreover actionable.

“Rocket surgery made easy” will guide you through identifying problems on your website, app or any product that is used by humans by observing the user experience (UX) people go through while using it. The book offers simple and yet actionable advice on how to approach the different aspects of usability research.
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Steve Jobs A Biography – The Book

Steve Jobs: A Biography

Steve Jobs: A Biography

“Steve Jobs: A Biography” by Walter Isaacson

There was a lot written already about Steve Jobs, his life, legacy and death. There was also a huge interest in the biography that Walter Isaacson. In fact, the book is so hot that it quickly became Amazon’s bestselling book in 2011.

I finished Steve Jobs’ biography a couple of weeks ago. I did not know, however, what to write in my usual book review post. I guess I am still trying to assimilate most of the events described there. Or I simply can’t accept the fact that a revolutionary individual with great capability is gone. Nonetheless, there is this blog post written on an iPad. Read More…

Storytelling for User Experience – The Book

Storytelling for User Experience

Storytelling for User Experience

“Storytelling for User Experience” by Whitney Quesenbery & Kevin Brooks

We all tell stories. In fact, our life is full of stories. Whether we experience them, make them up or simply retell them, they remain an undivided part of our communicative existence. To my shame, I never really pondered on the use of stories to convey ideas, present solutions or warm up the audience before starting your speech. There are many ways storytelling can be used.

I read “Storytelling for User Experience” as being yet another book from the series Rosenfeld Media is made available to the digital professionals. I am still trying to catch my breath and the fact that I am posting this memo only two weeks after I finished the book, shows that I am still pretty much in it. I guess it will be probably best to offer a very short passage from the last chapter of the book here: Read More…

Rework – The Book

“Rework” - by Jason Fried and David Heinemer Hansson


“Rework” – by Jason Fried and David Heinemer Hansson

Let’s get something straight right in the second line of this post! You don’t have to buy “Rework” because:

  1. It has its own website with tons of great graphics and info about it.
  2. All these CEOs, leaders and other famous people say it is something you should read
  3. Because it is available in every big online bookshelf out there
  4. Because it is written by two of the really successful online business (Basecamp) founders out there (well, this might be a reason, actually)

You SHOULD BUY “Rework” simply because it is bloody awesome, it makes tons of sense and leaves the bull (you know what) out.
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Web Form Design – The Book

“Web Form Design” - by Luke Wroblewski

“Web Form Design”

“Web Form Design” – by Luke Wroblewski

Both as a user and as a practising digital marketer I was always wondering on why I have such mixed feelings about filling up a web form of some sort or working with a designer on one. As a user, I never want to give out too much information about myself and as a marketer, I want to know as much as possible about the person interested in my product.

Luke Wroblewski tackles that chain of thought exactly in his “Web Form Design” book exposing his extensive experience and offering a number of examples and approaches to be considered. I must say that there is no beating around the bush here. Luke Wroblewski goes right at web form design and stops only at the last page. Read More…

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