Berliner Euromaidan

Lately, every travel I take upon offers me a meeting with a political protest or pride parade. Last Sunday (March 9, 2014) I witnessed the Berliner Euromaidan – a procession of Ukrainians against the alleged dislocation of Russian armed forces in Crimea. I say alleged, mainly because the Kremlin insists that the soldiers, not bearing any marks on the streets of the Ukrainian  peninsula, are not theirs.

There is so much said, written, reported, analyzed and commented on already… There are so many questions I have… I won’t lie by saying that I am a bit lost in the haze of information concerning Crimea. On one hand Russia has a fully functional Black Sea base on the territory of Ukraine and on the other there are troops in Russian uniforms (without the necessary identification signs) patrolling the streets of a sovereign country and taking ground at Crimean airports. On one hand Euromaidan happened because of Ukrainians having enough of being ruled by corrupted politicians and on the other a vast and very well-organized protest campaign approach in social media, press, TV and offline is observed…
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Istanbul – A Fairy Tale

All along I thought I had shown you the pictures from our trip to Istanbul, Turkey at the last days of 2011 and the first ones of 2012… I’ve realized I never did.

I have never showed you the view from the inner side of Topkapı Saray’s west gate uncovering the Blue Mosque… Or the group of friends strolling down an alley at the Spice Market while laughing at each others’ jokes. Or the many-many mosques that reign on every hill of this enigmatic city. Or the true marvel of Istanbul, which is taking a walk in the small and not frequently visited by tourists streets on the west bank of the Golden Horn. The old houses and their ambiance that seems totally disconnected from the hectic pace the world moves by on the main streets of the old Turkish capital. Or the shoeshiner and his customer who were exchanging pleasantries in an incomprehensible language to me while the former was doing what he does for living. Or the geometric perspective I have witnessed in probably the greatest temple of God I have ever set my foot in – Hagia Sophia.

I’ve never done any of this. So, now I do.
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Schwarz und Weiß – Kölner Dom

On my recent trip to Cologne (or Köln as it is originally meant to be), I shot a number of photos of the famous cathedral (Kölner Dom) in the city.  The weather was very cloudy and it kind of felt right to have them in black and white.  Well, the sky and the architecture shades certainly predisposed me to see the images in an applied Moriyama effect.

Black and White or Schwarz und Weiß, here we go… What do you think? Would Kölner Dom look prettier in colour or the way my eyes and mind saw it?
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Prague – A Trip Of Lights

Prague is a true beauty… A princess. A city of many architectural virtues, great beer and delicious food. It is also the first city that I literally tore apart my shoes by walking too much. Nonetheless, it is only the shoes that complained… I shall go back one day.

This was a Prague trip of lights… in many different ways. Indeed, the photographic opportunities were amazing. The light conditions were just perfect. And somehow I couldn’t resist but to see a few shots through my Moriyama filter. So you will not see below a presentation that features the same tonality or vision. Just like the city itself – on one side the great sights and on the other the touristy flashy and quite not interesting (to me at least) shops.

Check out the photos and tell me which one is your favourite shot!
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