Sorry, Devs – User is The King – Get Over It!

Discussing Mobile OS User Experience


Lately, I have been under fire on Twitter for saying that Apple’s iOS offers the best user experience among mobile platforms. This cannonade comes particularly from the developers’ side of the equation, not the UX professional one. I guess this is more due to the perception that I am some sort of fan boy when it comes to this particular brand. I might be to some extent and I certainly find myself subconsciously biased on occasions. After all, I’ve been using Apple products since 2006 on a personal level and many others in my work – Microsoft, Dell, Android, Blackberry, HP etc… None of the latter has ever offered me a user experience getting even closer to the one that iOS has.

I am getting here on the wrong foot, am I not?
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MobX 2013 Is About To Happen

MobX 2013MobX 2013, here I come! All my bags are packed and I’ll be leaving soon on a jet plane, flying to Berlin.

I am excited. I always thought that EuroIA will be my first big conference. But so it happens, MobX 2013 conference is two weeks earlier this year. Moreover, it will be one focusing exclusively on mobile user experience – a field that without question will become more and more prominent in the very near future. The user does very intimate things with his mobile device. He hides it in the pocket, he puts it next to the pillow and he takes it to the loo, too.

MobX 2013 conference will take place in Berlin, Germany on September 13, 2013. And although it is Friday the 13th, it sure promises to be fun. The topics on mobile user experience and usability will be covering pretty much every mass used smartphone OS out there – iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8. There will be talks about enterprise mobility, multi-device world and… designing for Google Glass. The speakers lineup is also impressive. And since the conference takes place in Germany, I am sure there will be beer. And where there is beer, there is fun and laughter.
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Mobile First – The Book

The digital landscape is moving fast. Content consumption is shifting its pattern and mobile devices are taking a bigger chunk of the pie on daily basis. And in the mobile design world, Luke Wroblewski is one of world’s most renowned authorities. He speaks publicly, blogs and writes often to share his knowledge on designing for mobile.

And his book “Mobile first” (part of the A Book Apart series) is exactly that – sharing amassed experience.  Luke Wroblewski points out a few considerations everyone involved or planning a mobile design should pay attention to. The book is more of a strategic guide than an extensive how-to such. Nevertheless, it has with many examples, aiming to create shared reference and serve as a starting point in mobile design.
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Birthday – Tsingtao, Double-Deck Burger And The Top Of The Mountain

I am 11 days shy of yet another birthday that brings me closer to Christ’s age. And instead of thinking that I am getting older, I reflect on the matter as me getting wise, more experience and better versed in the ways life presents in front of me. I had this thing for a while (can’t remember exactly when it started). I get something for myself every time there is a birthday, Christmas or something big happening and deserves to be remembered by something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something big or celebrating with a big bang, but…
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