Master in Digital Marketing

Master In Digital Marketing At Instituto De Empresa

Master in Digital Marketing

I knew that someday I will be appearing on TV giving an interview and not filling up the movie set as it often happened in China… So here we go, a memory of a great day, when I was so moved by the fact that I managed to graduate Master in Digital Marketing at Instituto de Empresa and actually forgot more than half of the graduation speech I was giving… The listeners were very understanding and I love them for that…

Buyers & Sellers Online – Are we really ready!

A couple of months back, my group work in IE’s Master in Digital Marketing required conducting series of online surveys determining a few aspects of buyers and sellers behaviour online. And to be more precise, the will of online users to sell and/or purchase research documents online.

So, the guys and I decided to go about that through our social network contacts after designing the surveys. It took us about 3 weeks to have the survey prepared, release and prepare it, and gather the information from the participants. And here come the finding in brief:
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