On Your Website Content

Whether you are thinking of creating a new website or revamping your old one, you have to think content before you think design. Website content is the starting point. Remember this rule, because it cannot get simpler than this.

It is all about the user and what she/he is interested in. Unless your website is with a graphical focus, you are bound to create an engaging mixture of visual and textual bytes that entice the target and make it stay on your Internet real estate longer. And since the World Wide Web is the most populated area on this planet, you are competing big time for the user’s attention.
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Gurus, Ninjas and Other Biohazard Internet Materials

The internet is a full frontal exposure. Especially for those that claim it is their business. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn there are tons of people boasting that they are a guru, “Da S%&t”. In some cases they really are, in others they are just full of themselves of very young and full of… (you know what I mean).

It’s funny, cause in my mind most of the online success of a certain campaign, Facebook page or Twitter profile is very circumstantial and depending on a major team effort. I say “circumstantial”, cause if you don’t have a great product/service that people write and refer about online, the chance to outperform your competitors in the page rank field is limited. I also use “teamwork” cause everybody on the team should be on the same page and it is impossible to know everything about the company (especially, if you are an outside hired gun).
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WikiLeaks, Internet And Responsibility

This morning I had an interesting conversation with my dad while I was having my morning coffee and WikiLeaks came up. Conversations like this are not rare and they usually involve current political and economic events, a bit of sore sarcasm and the lift version of his and my thought on the topic at hand.

Today we talked about WikiLeaks and the recent release of documents concerning the US Department of State and possible repercussions that will come afterwards. He said something that hit me like a train ” It’s (meaning WikiLeaks) like trying to renovate an old house. But you actually do not know, if the wall or the brick you are trying to remove won’t cause the whole lot to crumble”. Read More…

Shared Reference, Stupid!

Shared reference is that thing that makes a dialogue. It is that flow in the conversation that makes people understand each other and not lose interest. It also shows that the force is with you and you are that close to achieving the point of your initial conversational involvement.

Everyone has been in a situation where he found himself/herself misunderstood. And I am not talking about difference of opinions. I am talking about the fact that your conversational partner was not able to relate to your words, understand them and reply accordingly in a logical sense.
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Your Wife Ran Off With The Neighbor

No, this post is not about some poor family’s drama. It is about the reality in today’s consumerism society. A matter that started few decades back and turned quality and long-lasting products and services into a use-it-and-throw-it approach.

How many of us have experienced short life batteries on their cell phones? How many of us decided to go with another vendor just because he was smiling genuinely, whereas the competition was looking condescendingly upon you? And how many of you saw” Lowest price on the Internet”, started the checkout process and ended up with close to twice the initially advertised price? Read More…

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