Donating Blood In Germany – Service Design

Have been donating blood since the late nineties in multiple countries. This past week, it was my first time doing so in the country I have been living in for the past 8 years. It was about time.

Germany is slightly particular when it comes to blood donations. If one does not catch a special action visiting the office, university or some other place, one needs to make an appointment in the online system, which would be possibly a couple of months in the future.

So, when a friend told me that there will be a special blood donating venue in a week, I jumped in without hesitation. It was my chance to finally make it happen.
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Christopher Street Day 2016 LGBT Munich Pride

Every year Munich celebrates Christopher Street Day, an event dedicated to the LGBT community in our city. It culminates with the Munich Pride march, which this year was particularly interesting.

As usual, the parade was colorful, loud and filled up with hundreds of smiles. The music was boosting from the vehicles and the rainbow flags were waved high and proud. But what made it particularly interesting, was the fact that there were more people attending and watching than any other Munich Pride we have attended.

It was not only the participants but also all the folks that decided to spare some time to support diversity or simply enjoy the party.  On both sides of the streets of the march route, people were lining up to cheer the procession, take photos and hug the marchers. There were whole families with kids, homosexual and heterosexual couples, young and old, bold and long-haired…  A true diversity.
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Dresden – The Capital Of Saxony

Dresden is the capital of Saxony and a very interesting city to explore. It has one of the most interesting architectural setups in the German cities we have so far visited.

The Dresden, we came to experience and like very much, has absolutely nothing to do with the far right movement PEGIDA the evening news are picturing. It has castles, galleries, museums, people performing in open air for the pleasure of others and quite a room to stroll and enjoy the beautiful architecture.

Given the amount of sights, I would suggest that a long weekend is needed to grasp as much as possible of the cultural richness of the city. Keep in mind that most of Dresden was destroyed during the Second World War and consequently rebuilt to its previous glory. Here is a list of must-see sights:
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Berlin – Unforgettable Past And Multikulti Present

I had to visit Berlin for a third time in order for It to hit me. And It hit me hard. Probably, because this on this trip I had more time to be with my thoughts and reflections.

What is that “It” I am talking about? It is the history that one can see in the German capital – the old buildings rebuilt, the line dividing the East and the West, the graffiti, the light, the memorials, the people and the feeling. Yes, Berlin has quite a few treats to offer. One just has to pay attention.
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Berliner Euromaidan

Lately, every travel I take upon offers me a meeting with a political protest or pride parade. Last Sunday (March 9, 2014) I witnessed the Berliner Euromaidan – a procession of Ukrainians against the alleged dislocation of Russian armed forces in Crimea. I say alleged, mainly because the Kremlin insists that the soldiers, not bearing any marks on the streets of the Ukrainian  peninsula, are not theirs.

There is so much said, written, reported, analyzed and commented on already… There are so many questions I have… I won’t lie by saying that I am a bit lost in the haze of information concerning Crimea. On one hand Russia has a fully functional Black Sea base on the territory of Ukraine and on the other there are troops in Russian uniforms (without the necessary identification signs) patrolling the streets of a sovereign country and taking ground at Crimean airports. On one hand Euromaidan happened because of Ukrainians having enough of being ruled by corrupted politicians and on the other a vast and very well-organized protest campaign approach in social media, press, TV and offline is observed…
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