On Facebook Buying And The IPO

FacebookSo Facebook is on a shopping spree… This is not necessarily a shocking chain of events. But give the fact that the world is only two weeks away from being able to buy freely Facebook shares on the market, it kind of makes me wonder a bit. Well, just trying to figure out what is the end game, not the first move on the board.

It was first Instagram for the staggering number of USD1,000,000,000 (give or take). Then it was Glancee. Well, not for that much, but still enough for Facebook to file yet another amendment to its prospect and the SEC.

But why Zuck and the band are doing this? Read More…

On Hypocrisy

Last night I had a long conversation over Skype with a dear friend. We happened to be catching up and somehow ended up talking about friendship, Twitter, Facebook and what’s important.

In that conversation I used the phrase “the purest form of hypocrisy” and my friend stopped me there immediately and said “You don’t know how right you are!”. But why did I use this phrase?
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On Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google

The world has witnessed in the last couple of weeks some major and long-awaited events like F8, Amazon and Apple events and Google subtle intro of new product features. And when the internet society is bragging about privacy issues, expressing awe for Kindle Fire, disappointment about not seeing iPhone 5 and barely noticing Google Analytics Premium, the focus is rather far than what just actually happened.

CONTENT and features enabling it to be served – this is my not so humble opinion. All of the major big guys did just that among other things in the past few weeks. But let’s take it happening by happening: Read More…

Your Company, Social Media and Customer Service

My dear readers, just a quick note to let you note that I have just published a second blog post at FatDUX’s blog titled “Your Company, Social Media and Customer Service”. This time it is about customer service, social media, user experience and why your company should consider employing multiple channels to connect with its customers.

So if you fancy a read, please visit this link or paste! And as usual, don’t forget to browse beyond my post! You might learn something new or encounter a new point of view.

Update: This post is no longer available on FatDUX’ Blog, so please find it below as it was published there on January 19, 2011.

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