Enigma Turns 25 And Launches Enigma Moments

Enigma turned 25 years old yesterday and launched Enigma Moments. The date marks the launch of the debut album “MCMXC a.D.” in 1990. Michael Cretu explains himself the project here.

Fans are able to create their own Enigma Moments by song or album, upload a picture, write their message and even put a particular date to pinpoint their Enigma history in time. It is a very easy form with a slick design and functionality.
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On Your Social Media Messages

At this time there are thousands of social media managers, content creators and all sorts of message creating marketers publishing statuses, tweets and news all around the world. Some of them know what they are doing and others don’t. Moreover, in the past few years, there has been an explosion of all sorts of names marketers come up with to call and differentiate themselves

  1. Having 13,695 followers on Twitter, when you follow 12,436 of them, does not make you an influencer or a tweep that knows what he/she is doing.
  2. Being linked to over 5000 people on LinkedIn doesn’t click in that direction either.
  3. Befriending everyone you meet at an airport, bar or hotel lounge during your business trip or holiday, does not make an influencer of yourself on Facebook either.

Social media skill does not go around the proverbial “size matters”. And here is Why:

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Digital Advertising or the Bulgarian Version

Yesterday I had yet again to meet a friend over beer and talk about life and business. At certain moment the conversation came to a previous post of mine concerning expandable banners (so far my most popular post by views and comments left) .

My friend, who is a marketing professional with extensive brand management experience for a major global brewery with quite few labels here in Bulgaria, was shocked how personally I am taking this issue. She argued that in our country about 4% of the advertising budget goes to online and very few CMOs take the Internet seriously. So, it is very often indeed that whatever the agency offers or the CMO thinks that should be done, is executed without research, analysis and true measurement.  The approach is rather ATL-ish, which means mass media – “Yo, the client! This is the ad. Deal with it!”. Read More…

headhunters and HEADHUNTERS

God, it ain’t easy to find a job!

As death and taxes, inevitably every person on this earth that has reached the age of employment is bound to find a job (even Paris Hilton and the likes). So, what a person does is to take the train to Jobsearchvill…

Nowadays, it is more about who you know and how you search. We are becoming more and more digital and indeed we resort to LinkedIn, Twitter, online job boards and yes, headhunters’ websites. It is a time and effort consuming process that if not taken seriously will result in more days and more sweat at the end.

And since I am in the process of finding that exciting position that I would be able to make a difference by employing everything I have learned so far and all that experience I have amassed on two continents (a bit pompous, but true) and create things new and worthy in the digital arena. Man, this sentence is way to long, please discard it!

Now, there are different channels, but for the purpose of this post I wanted to share with you the experience of this week with headhunters…
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