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God, it ain’t easy to find a job!

As death and taxes, inevitably every person on this earth that has reached the age of employment is bound to find a job (even Paris Hilton and the likes). So, what a person does is to take the train to Jobsearchvill…

Nowadays, it is more about who you know and how you search. We are becoming more and more digital and indeed we resort to LinkedIn, Twitter, online job boards and yes, headhunters’ websites. It is a time and effort consuming process that if not taken seriously will result in more days and more sweat at the end.

And since I am in the process of finding that exciting position that I would be able to make a difference by employing everything I have learned so far and all that experience I have amassed on two continents (a bit pompous, but true) and create things new and worthy in the digital arena. Man, this sentence is way to long, please discard it!

Now, there are different channels, but for the purpose of this post I wanted to share with you the experience of this week with headhunters…
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Analyzing Website Performance

Summarizing the key aspects of each type of analysis (purchasing process, lead process, on-site search, homepage, brand metrics & landing pages)

It is important to understand the difference between website performance reporting and analysis. Think of reporting as stating the facts and analysis as taking things to the next level and understanding why do facts are such and what can be done taking them into account. The following types of analysis are:

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Collecting Primary And Secondary Data Types

Here is an example of something concerning one of my website’s primary and secondary data types I have been thinking and somehow working on in the past 6 months.

Site objectives: Exhibit my photography to the online community.
Site goal: Reach 1000 visits per month and receive feedback on regular basis on photos I publish.

Collecting Primary & Secondary Data Types:
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Conversion Funnel KPIs

Defining the Business Goals. How to establish the conversion funnel?

Business existence is based on the ability to create an economic value for its stakeholders. In that sense, before building a website or make changes on one, we should define our business goals and the purpose of that site on the road to achieve them. The critical cycle or the so-called marketing conversion funnel is as follows:

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