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Travelling With The User – My Talk At The Bulgarian Web Summit

A couple of months ago, my friend and organiser of the Bulgarian Web Summit annual gathering, Bogomil Shopov, invited me to speak at the event.

At first, I was wondering why a digital strategy and marketing guy like myself is invited to speak in front of audience vastly consisting programmers, coders and designers. I heard previously about the conference and I knew that at the Bulgarian Web Summit most of the topics were hard-core tech. I presumed the crowd wanted that and expected it from the speakers.

On the other hand, me speaking at such an event would allow me to offer the point of view of marketing people. After all, we do work together. We bring products, apps, platform and other things based on cooperation – us the content, them the code and visuals.

And this is how my idea to talk about content and how it travels together with the user was born.

This is a very large topic, which couldn’t possibly be exhausted in just 45 minutes’ talk. Besides, I didn’t want to build it around the “content out” approach to design and delivery. I would have lost the audience somewhere at the beginning of my presentation. Instead, I decided to imply it, by offering my reflections on the past, present and future of content. Also, I set on offering the top 10 things I’ve noticed in my career and projects that often divided the marketing and the technical side of the team.

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