2014 On Borislav’s POV In A Nutshell

The year is about to run away and pass the baton to 2015. Naturally, around this time every year people start reflecting on the days passed and what they have achieved. Some do that openly on their blogs or social network profiles. I decided to make no exception and write a little about what you have found most interesting in my blogging about digital marketing and the Internet.

Although I started off 2014 with the plan to blog more about my beloved industry, soon I found myself lacking the time to do so on regular basis. When I look now at Google Analytics and the numbers it provides, clearly there seems to be no particular time pattern in creating content on A few posts have received quite an attention provided by search engine references and the proactive thirst for knowledge. The others, as blogging goes, are almost immediately forgotten and no more interest shown to them after the day they were published.
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“Infographic Of The Day” Has A Brand New Look

“Infographic of the Day” is a tumblr-based blog I have been maintaining for more than 3 years now. Every day I am trying to offer a new visualization of data that I find interesting, compelling or simply useful to have a look at. As of today it features 1216 infographics and 432 followers.

At the very beginning I was only sharing infographics related to digital marketing in all its aspects – social media, search engine optimization, paid search, campaign management, information architecture and user experience, mobile marketing, e-commerce and so on. Then I started featuring other data visualization works on my blog – sports, health, humor and more. There are subscribers on my blog that appear to be appreciating the variety.
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How To Blog On Multiple Pages On Your Website

I have been contemplating the idea of offering multiple blog post pages set by topics on my website for some time this year. The thing is that I have three interests in the moments: 1) blogging in English about digital marketing, social media and user experience; 2) displaying my humble photography efforts (yes, I know humble is not the right word); 3) posting in Bulgarian mostly about things happening back home.

Expressing thoughts and laying them down on your personal blog is generally an easy thing. Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and many others are making it that easy.  However, they have almost nothing to do with the fact that blogs have one of the highest bounce rates on the Internet. Meaning that users visit your blog, read usually not more than one post and get on with their lives somewhere else. And this is why many bloggers are trying a variety of strategic approaches to offer more focused and organised display of their content.
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The Anatomy Of A Blog Post Gone Viral

N.B.: You will need Google or Bing translators to read through most of the resources in this blog post.

On April 29, 2013, a Nepolitkorektno blog post went viral within the Bulgarian community on Twitter and Facebook. Within the first hour of it being published, it was read 3,000 times. In the following twelve hours, it was read ten times more – 30,000. And later on, the post ended the day by being read almost 40,000 times.

The post was not extremely funny. It was not sexy. It was not witty. It was real. That kind of real that many visitors identified themselves with and the experience mentioned in it. That kind of real that made them share it with their friends on Twitter, Facebook or via email.

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