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My Silence

One thing I wanted to separate from the paragraphs above is … my gratitude to Apple Inc. My Macbook suddenly experienced a flood of problems. I took it, while on my business trip, to an Apple service center and I got it repaired within 48 hours. So good-bye cracked plastic case! Bye-bye deformed battery! And hello looking like new Mac! So, thank you Apple Inc. and the authorized service center for being reliable, fast and understanding! You rock, guys!

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Boys with toys

On Saturday, September 19, 2009 I was flying with Lufthansa from Munich to London . The obeying sets rules guy that I am, before approach to Heathrow I turned my iPod Classic 160G off and placed on the seat next to me. We landed, got our bags and left the plane. But shortly after that I realized that I have forgotten my gadget on the plane, because my neighbor has placed his newspapers on top of it.

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