Sorry, Devs – User is The King – Get Over It!

Discussing Mobile OS User Experience


Lately, I have been under fire on Twitter for saying that Apple’s iOS offers the best user experience among mobile platforms. This cannonade comes particularly from the developers’ side of the equation, not the UX professional one. I guess this is more due to the perception that I am some sort of fan boy when it comes to this particular brand. I might be to some extent and I certainly find myself subconsciously biased on occasions. After all, I’ve been using Apple products since 2006 on a personal level and many others in my work – Microsoft, Dell, Android, Blackberry, HP etc… None of the latter has ever offered me a user experience getting even closer to the one that iOS has.

I am getting here on the wrong foot, am I not?
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Apple Maps

Yesterday, June 10, 2013, Apple announced major updates at WWDC 2013 conference, both software and hardware wise. And while everyone is talking mostly about the new iOS 7 and its flat design, I can’t help but look at Apple’s new standalone Apple Maps application that will be made available with OS X Mavericks.

While Apple did offer a new Apple maps client on its current iOS 6, the user experience had still a lot to desire from. Having this in the back of my head, I was surprised to see a desktop client made available in OS X Mavericks. This surprise was a good one for many reasons, mainly because it made me think what the end game behind Apple’s heads is.

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Hitting 100K Views On SlideShare

Earlier this week “Apple’s iPhone Launch Marketing Strategy Analysis” I published on my SlideShare channel back on Jan 08, 2010 reached the 100,000 views point.

Apple’s iPhone Launch Marketing Strategy Analysis” is a paper I wrote in the last months of 2009 as a final work on my Marketing course while I was getting my Masters of Digital Marketing in Instituto de Empresa. And while I see many areas that can be improved and the thesis being actually expanded, I am thrilled that it was found useful by so many people, in one way or another.
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On Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google

The world has witnessed in the last couple of weeks some major and long-awaited events like F8, Amazon and Apple events and Google subtle intro of new product features. And when the internet society is bragging about privacy issues, expressing awe for Kindle Fire, disappointment about not seeing iPhone 5 and barely noticing Google Analytics Premium, the focus is rather far than what just actually happened.

CONTENT and features enabling it to be served – this is my not so humble opinion. All of the major big guys did just that among other things in the past few weeks. But let’s take it happening by happening: Read More…

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