Conversion Funnel KPIs

Defining the Business Goals. How to establish the conversion funnel?

Business existence is based on the ability to create an economic value for its stakeholders. In that sense, before building a website or make changes on one, we should define our business goals and the purpose of that site on the road to achieve them. The critical cycle or the so-called marketing conversion funnel is as follows:

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Free: The Future of a Radical Price – The Book

Free - The Future of a Radical Price

Free – The Future of a Radical Price

“Free: The future of a radical price” by Chris Anderson

As it was with “The Long Tail” Chris Anderson offers a well researched, full of examples and eloquently delivered analysis of an already established fact – there is money in Free. Well, people tend to argue, but if you pick up this book will be left with tons of material to ponder on.

Actually, going through the book, I was reminded of a discussion I often have with my favourite bartender/bar owner. He is appalled by the fact that coffee machines offering the morning juice at ridiculous prices are installed all over the city (and one of them is right next to his establishment). He argues that he can hardly compete with it and most of the people will go to the machine instead of having their coffee in his local. What he fails (so far) to recognize is that he offers additional value to the robusta drinker that the machine at the corner cannot – free Wi-Fi, cosy environment, a newspaper to go through and a TV to watch among other things.  All these things offered for free to the customer will continue to keep him in business. Yes, he will continue to complain, cause he cannot get those that prefer the quick and dirty coffee machine way. But he will be!
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Buyers & Sellers Online – Are we really ready!

A couple of months back, my group work in IE’s Master in Digital Marketing required conducting series of online surveys determining a few aspects of buyers and sellers behaviour online. And to be more precise, the will of online users to sell and/or purchase research documents online.

So, the guys and I decided to go about that through our social network contacts after designing the surveys. It took us about 3 weeks to have the survey prepared, release and prepare it, and gather the information from the participants. And here come the finding in brief:
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