Voting Populist

Voting populist seems to be a thing of the modern age. Well, not really, but it in the west part of the world it certainly feels like it.

Yesterday, The Guardian had a pretty interesting section published on the topic and even a quiz, so I could figure out where I stand exactly politically. It turns out that I am closest to the current Mexican president and I couldn’t be farther away from the 45th of the USA. The Guardian has spoken.

This comes in just handy, as I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes a person forget logic and release the inner primal fear at the voting station…
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A Struggling Artist

Here he was at his favourite bookstore with a coffee shop in it. A cup of chai tea latte, his laptop covered with stickers and music in his ears. Nothing fancy, just a struggling artist.

Nothing out of the ordinary, really, another writer with utterly unimpressive work, which he rightly labels as “absolute bullocks keeping me at peace”. A cliché of a sort, one would say – aren’t all untalented struggling writers seeking for a coffee shop to sit in all day long and write about things nobody wants to read about?

He is right. He knows it. He has been doing this for years. And apart from his immediate family, a few close friends and on average 23.7 people read his short stories or essays. He will never write a whole book, a novel pretty much like Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye. And that’s ok.
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First Kiss

I am a sucker for romantic scenes. Books, movies and songs are made about this exhilarating culmination. Guy meets girl, girl meets guy, they go through things together and separately and then that first kiss comes into focus.

It starts slow, just a short small nibble. Then the embrace gets stronger and stronger, the heartbeat increases exponentially, cheeks are blushing, both breathing heavily, things start to get French…

At that precise moment, nothing else exists. Just you and the object of your desire. Electricity flows from one body to the other. Romance is not in the air, but in those two – floating, energising and sweeten up the deal.
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Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best things that came out of open borders, economies and geopolitical influence. One submerges in a different culture and gets to know people from all over the place.

More than two decades ago, I passed on an acceptance letter to do my undergraduate degree in France. Two years after that, I found myself on a plane to Shanghai with a five-year scholarship in the top 3 Chinese universities. And almost 10 years ago, I was on my way to Madrid for the masters in business.
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Feminism For All

If anything, the world needs more feminism, not less. And no, I do not mean more women fighting for their right to be treated equally (although this would be nice). I mean more men fighting for equal rights.

Societies, communities and families all over the world have any number of problems to face and fix. Some are imaginary, others are real, but there are those which many are simply refusing to address. One of the latter is equal rights for women.
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