Research – Offline the Online

Site usability evaluation is a tough nut to crack without the offline research where one actually can put an individual in front of a Mac (choice of computer intentional) and observe the browsing and navigating momentum.

And the main question here is how to build the website so users can find in a fast way the information they need and for the developer to show that added value information that makes the site different from the competitor’s one. So what are the benefits from doing that offline research on an online system:
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Viral Marketing and its don’ts

Viral marketing equals crowd-sourcing marketing or to put it in another way one of the most rapid developing marketing channels. It is a method that quantifies the word-of-mouth and utilization of a message commuter that is not on the product/service manufacturer’s paycheck list.

But what happens if the campaign was not performing so great in terms of brand awareness, engagement, differentiation and consideration? What if matters have gone totally wrong?…
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Google Wave for Marketers

This Google Inc. tool, Google Wave, might mean quite a lot to the digital marketer. With it, the following are becoming easy to implement:

  • eResearch – focus groups and panels
  • CRM – data collection, customer satisfaction management, real-time Q&A
  • Branding & Brand Management – presence, new product awareness
  • Event Management & PR

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Google Wave – The Application

google_wave_logoNow that I have humbly tried to cover the situational analysis at this time for Google Inc and its direct competitors, it is time to move on and focus on something new, that I consider a significant part of the short-term future of the company – the Google Wave.

What is Google Wave? – Communication, Collaboration and Sharing tool (pictures, videos, links, thought etc.)

Up till now, the user had an email client, a social network to share his/her thoughts, an instant messenger to talk to friends and peers, a photo bank to share photos… Virtually, there is a tool to satisfy almost every need of the individual to interact and share stuff with others. But with Google Wave and its launch later this year that landscape will be changed forever.
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