A New Breed Of Browser

Recently, I have made a post on Facebook asking when we (the Internet users) will have an application available in MAC OS  and Windows for social networks… Well this seems to be resolved… at least sort of. Check www.flock.com. This is the new Social Browser offered by Mozilla. And honestly, I am impressed. The only social networks that I use and are not present there are LinkedIn and Xing. Everything else is there.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

What’s Next, Mr. President?

Just yesterday, I turned in a paper on Best Practice in Conversational Campaign for my IE studies. Naturally, I chose for analysis Barack Obama’s one, which involved heavily campaigning in the digital channels. All good, but there was an angle I didn’t ponder on and a colleague immediately asked about (Thanks E.!)… What happens next?

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The Start

Finally, I got my hands to set the blog up. Since I am currently furthering my understanding of what is happening on the interactive front, I will mostly be talking about Digital Marketing, China and IE, of course. So if you readers have something to add, comment or constructively criticize, please feel free to do so! So sit back, relax and enjoy the readings.

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