Brief Thoughts on eLearning

eLearning has been a big part of my personal development ever since I have graduated from Fudan University. And I am pretty sure I am not the only one using digital media to get further in the brain area.

For me, it all started with research during my university years. But once I started working full-time, this was pretty much the only way to keep up with changes. A Google AdWords tutorial here, a Google Analytics instructional video there, and soon enough I found myself hooked up. Later on, I even did my Masters in a mix of face-to-face periods and eLearning modules (forums, presentations, videos etc.).

The last courses I took online were a Product Management one and a Growth Hacking one. And I can’t help but think that there is so much room for improvement…
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Christopher Street Day 2016 LGBT Munich Pride

Every year Munich celebrates Christopher Street Day, an event dedicated to the LGBT community in our city. It culminates with the Munich Pride march, which this year was particularly interesting.

As usual, the parade was colorful, loud and filled up with hundreds of smiles. The music was boosting from the vehicles and the rainbow flags were waved high and proud. But what made it particularly interesting, was the fact that there were more people attending and watching than any other Munich Pride we have attended.

It was not only the participants but also all the folks that decided to spare some time to support diversity or simply enjoy the party.  On both sides of the streets of the march route, people were lining up to cheer the procession, take photos and hug the marchers. There were whole families with kids, homosexual and heterosexual couples, young and old, bold and long-haired…  A true diversity.
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Hashtag – #Munich

Last Friday was just like any Friday in Munich… until it wasn’t. I went to the gym, applied for jobs, finished up a book, kicked back with Tour de France on Eurosport and received a message from a friend stating “Are you ok? Tell me you’re at home!”. There was a rampage going on two subways stops from our home…

A teenage boy hacked a female Facebook profile, invited everyone for a free meal at McDonald’s and at 17:56 started shooting people with the Glock and 300 bullets he had on himself. The Munich police went on the hunt with reinforcements from local, provincial and federal forces. Even the Kobras from Austria pitched in the effort of catching the perpetrator. Late that evening they found the teenager’s body lifeless with a self-inflicted wound.

As the social networks went berserk, no one knew nothing concrete.  But almost everyone had a theory. While I was rushing into texting and calling all my friends and family to see whether they are ok or just to let them know that we are fine, my Facebook and Twitter went mad. Mostly people felt sad and sorry about what was happening. Others went on and on about Islam and its place in Europe and certainly not in understanding or even close empathizing with those Muslims condemning the terror.
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Twitter, suicidal much?

Twitter used to be the social network that brought nerds, wit and lust for news together. Now it does not anymore. For the past few years more and more pictures of cats and cute babies have found their way into the kingdom of 140 characters.

In many ways Twitter is still the place to find news from the source, touch base with friends and colleagues living far away and naturally trolling brands and tweeps. The once predominant wit, however, started giving away to endless pointless conversation about trivial actions people take everyday.

Ever since Twitter went public with its IPO in 2013, the social network started changing its attention to KPIs and trying to satisfy shareholders and investors. Nowadays everything is about growth of user base, ads served and revenue. The pressure, when regarding Facebook and LinkedIn as direct competitors, gets stronger day by day. Naturally, Twitter is acting and looking for opportunities to meet these expectations. Not so fast, though. The highest valuation of $40Bn dropped to roughly $10Bn as we speak.
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2015 – The Year Sisyphus Met Me

2015 turned out to be, in many ways, a repetition of 2010. At least when it comes to my experience then and now. Just as five years ago, my life consisted of two big parts – a very demanding project and an educational one, each equaling to about 6-7 months. It felt a just like meeting Sisyphus on his ways – both down and up.

Although my decision to leave the company I was working for was long ago was determined, I finally made it happen on the eve of launching the big project I was working on, since the end of 2014. It was something that I had in front of me as a dream. I wanted to move on to new challenges. I have invested so much in these almost 5 years and I wasn’t getting anywhere closer to learning new things. In the final months of the project I found it hard to sleep or to think about anything else, but getting the job done and doing it right. I wanted to do as much as I can for it to turn out to be something worth for the customer. At the end it did not pan out as hoped. But given the race against time, the team and I did way more that we were hoping for when we set out. Well, life works that way sometimes. Time to move on.
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