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Chuck Norris, Grandmothers And Their Cuisine

As urban legends go, Chuck Norris is the only one who managed to successfully convince his grandmothers he was no longer hungry. And I can relate to that big time.

My life would be very different should I have not been blessed with two incredible grandmothers. They couldn’t be more different from each other not only in the way they cooked but pretty much everything else.

One was a polyglot, a worldly person always dressed up, however modest her means. She always experimented with new recipes. Her sous-vide roasted chicken was something to die for. The soups were always exquisite and no one could ever be bored at lunch or dinner.

The other one possesses hands with skin moulded by decades of working in the fields and gardens. Which on its turn gave her little time to spend next to the oven. She has a number of recurring dishes, which she managed to perfect in taste. Her scrambled eggs over the fire are something I will never forget. She is also the most strong-willed person I know.

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Counting Calorie Intake Sucks

Don’t you just hate counting calorie intake? The pressure it puts on you is simply unbearable. Don’t eat this, refrain from that!

I’m a relatively tall man in a somewhat good shape. I am not thin, but neither I am obese. Just a regular Joe with a regular waist problem. In fact, my wife says I am gorgeous. But this could be because of the relationship agreement we’ve signed, where she is to state this obvious fact at least once a week.

As everyone in fourth males in Germany, I actively do some sort of sports. In my case, the gym is my temple for six days each week. And every now and then, I tell myself I will start counting my calorie intake in the hope of keeping a strict diet and start looking like Ryan Reynolds in any of his recent movies.

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Job Interviews, Online Dating And Three Courses

Job interviews are very much like online dating. One looks at a profile fitting one’s expectations, submits a nudge and voila, in no time one finds oneself in front of the screen or on the phone for a short chat.

During that first interaction, both sides are sizing each other the way they know how – “Tell me about yourself.”, “What do you like?, ”What do you not like?”, etc. The whole purpose is to see if there will be a second date… Also, to meet tonight at Carlo’s.

The time passes way too fast for him. Dinner is up…

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A Dystopian Social Media Functionality

Don’t know about you, but I always felt rather unease when seeing graphic posts for good causes on social media. Quite confusing and not really sure how to proceed, I must admit.

National Geographic, for example, is trying to raise awareness on a number of issues on social media (particularly on Instagram). Right now, they are running a campaign showcasing the decision of the PRC government to lift the ban on importing animal parts used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Yesterday, they published a rather graphic picture of a tiger trapped under burning firewood. Today, they opted for showing the carcasses after the fire has done its job. On both occasions, the number of likes showed me – well above the 250 000.

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A Broken Bike Light Reflection

Last April, I bought a really nice bike (and somewhat expensive). It has taken me quite a long time to choose it. I was looking for something I can ride fast to work, but also use it for recreation on gravel and long asphalt runs.

Everything was going fine, but not long after the purchase, the light stopped functioning. This was not a problem at the time. The day was growing longer and anyway I was not biking late at night, especially after dusk. Besides, I was working 12 hours a day and the only time I could possibly go to get it fixed, would be on Saturdays.

Naturally, I was procrastinating and pushing my visit to the shop, I purchased my bike until the summer was almost over. I thought I would just go in, tell them what the problem is and leave the bike there to be fixed. To my surprise, at the end of August, the shop was under renovation. The note said, “We’ll be back for you on November 1, 2018.”

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