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The Blank Sheet

For a creative individual, the worst thing is the blank sheet of paper, the empty frame or the blank space after long moments of staring at it. It feels like a curse with a spice of ineptitude and pinch of despair.

There is this desire bursting inside prompting you to unleash your creative powers and then nothing. Zilch. Null. Nothing comes out. Just bits and pieces, incoherent as ever. – a bit of a turd really. You can’t help it. It’s just the way it is, really.

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Social Media Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Every so often in my job or during my consulting gigs, I stumble upon the same problem over and over again – social media is perceived as a destination and not a journey. Businesses want to be on social media and for many of them it is still enough just to have a page on LinkedIn and Facebook or a profile on Instagram and Twitter set up.

Important things like editorial calendar, topics’ variety, hashtags and own voice are rarely included in the planning process. They seem to be either an afterthought or even something not to worry about at all. And this is where, in most cases, the effort breaks.

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People are projecting. We often find it difficult to look at the facts and judge based on them. Instead, we pay more attention to our emotions, current physiological state and mostly what we believe is the truth. Perception is everything and perceiving is highly subjective.

One of the main reasons that fake news or “alternative facts” are taking over the world in recent years, is that they seem plausible in the eyes of the consumer. For her, it doesn’t really matter if they are or if they are not true, they just sound real.

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Voting Populist

Voting populist seems to be a thing of the modern age. Well, not really, but it in the west part of the world it certainly feels like it.

Yesterday, The Guardian had a pretty interesting section published on the topic and even a quiz, so I could figure out where I stand exactly politically. It turns out that I am closest to the current Mexican president and I couldn’t be farther away from the 45th of the USA. The Guardian has spoken.

This comes in just handy, as I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes a person forget logic and release the inner primal fear at the voting station…

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A Struggling Artist

Here he was at his favourite bookstore with a coffee shop in it. A cup of chai tea latte, his laptop covered with stickers and music in his ears. Nothing fancy, just a struggling artist.

Nothing out of the ordinary, really, another writer with utterly unimpressive work, which he rightly labels as “absolute bullocks keeping me at peace”. A cliche of a sort, one would say – aren’t all untalented struggling writers seeking for a coffee shop to sit in all day long and write about things nobody wants to read about?

He is right. He knows it. He has been doing this for years. And apart from his immediate family, a few close friends and on average 23.7 people read his short stories or essays. He will never write a whole book, a novel pretty much like Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye. And that’s ok.

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