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Writing Eloquence

When I started with my writing eloquence challenge, I put a goal of a minimum 300-word text every working day. So far I have missed writing once or twice and on a couple of days, I felt extra wordy and two texts came out under my fingers.

I guess I never fully understood how difficult it is to write every day in a consistent manner. It is not due to a lack of ideas, just the opposite. It is the structuring of my rumblings and putting them into something resembling a coherent chain of thought.

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December Lists

Every year around this time, rankings, predictions and retrospectives start flowing in from left and right. I call them December Lists. They look into the past or in the future with a predominantly subjective take on things.

List a structured approach to dealing with life as it happens, a sort of a mechanism to grant you the feeling that you are actually behind the wheel and it is not life just happening to you. Or… They could be as normal as your grocery shopping agenda or your personal branding online. The latter usually evolves into a complete frenzy at the end of each year.

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A Diary Called Facebook

In the last few months, I realised my personal diary was to some extent Facebook. In a few months, it will be a decade that I am present there.

Earlier this year, I have undertaken the Sisyphean task to clean up the content I have published there. But no matter how much I am removing more and more are popping up. I am not talking about the reactions or comments I have left on someone else’s wall. Purely the stuff I have published – thoughts, photos, infographics, check-ins etc.

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Life Sucks – The Spotify Version

Today, Spotify offered me playlist with names like Life Sucks, Broken Heart and some other morbid stuff. The good news is that they are obviously reading my writing musings. The bad news is that they obviously take them for real. Word!

I started playing Life Sucks. It eased in with R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts, then it went on with Radiohead’s Creep and RHCP’s Under The Bridge. Halfway through, The Verve started with The Drugs Don’t Work. All in all, a good but morbid mood. But it made me think.

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