Therapy Through Writing

A Diary Called Facebook

In the last few months, I realised my personal diary was to some extent Facebook. In a few months, it will be a decade that I am present there.

Earlier this year, I have undertaken the Sisyphean task to clean up the content I have published there. But no matter how much I am removing more and more are popping up. I am not talking about the reactions or comments I have left on someone else’s wall. Purely the stuff I have published – thoughts, photos, infographics, check-ins etc.
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Life Sucks – The Spotify Version

Today, Spotify offered me playlist with names like Life Sucks, Broken Heart and some other morbid stuff. The good news is that they are obviously reading my writing musings. The bad news is that they obviously take them for real. Word!

I started playing Life Sucks. It eased in with R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts, then it went on with Radiohead’s Creep and RHCP’s Under The Bridge. Halfway through, The Verve started with The Drugs Don’t Work. All in all, a good but morbid mood. But it made me think.
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The Blank Sheet

For a creative individual, the worst thing is the blank sheet of paper, the empty frame or the blank space after long moments of staring at it. It feels like a curse with a spice of ineptitude and pinch of despair.

There is this desire bursting inside prompting you to unleash your creative powers and then nothing. Zilch. Null. Nothing comes out. Just bits and pieces, incoherent as ever. – a bit of a turd really. You can’t help it. It’s just the way it is, really.
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Social Media Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Every so often in my job or during my consulting gigs, I stumble upon the same problem over and over again – social media is perceived as a destination and not a journey. Businesses want to be on social media and for many of them it is still enough just to have a page on LinkedIn and Facebook or a profile on Instagram and Twitter set up.

Important things like editorial calendar, topics’ variety, hashtags and own voice are rarely included in the planning process. They seem to be either an afterthought or even something not to worry about at all. And this is where, in most cases, the effort breaks.
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People are projecting. We often find it difficult to look at the facts and judge based on them. Instead, we pay more attention to our emotions, current physiological state and mostly what we believe is the truth. Perception is everything and perceiving is highly subjective.

One of the main reasons that fake news or “alternative facts” are taking over the world in recent years, is that they seem plausible in the eyes of the consumer. For her, it doesn’t really matter if they are or if they are not true, they just sound real.
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