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The People vs Data Hoarders

It is no secret that social media companies, a startup with access to our phone data and a bunch of other data hoarders have a huge amount of information gathered on everyone ever using a smartphone or having an account somewhere. What is interesting to me is when push comes to shove, how regulations will be applied to the already existing behemoths.

Most of the smartphone users don’t bother to check their default settings when starting up their device for the first time. They also do not check the permissions the apps they download and use. Privacy and security in many cases are just an afterthought for them.

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All The Books In The World

There is something enigmatic about bookstores and libraries. Surrounded by all the books in the world, one feels overwhelmed and either invigorated that he can read or crushed by his obvious ignorance.

I am not sure how many books the average Joe and Jane read in their lives, but whatever the number is, it can’t even near the titles even a small bookstore carries. Some actually stack a beautiful home library based colour patterns and writing styles, never opening any of them…

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Life In Checkboxes

Checkboxes are a major part in many lives. People might not realise it directly, but almost everything they do is driven by the desire to check a box and move on to the next one. Checkboxes in the sense of rights of passage, that is.

At what age one learns to read, choosing the right schools, getting a steady and well-paid job, marrying, first child, second child, planning for life after work… These sort of things are all checkboxes, which once ticked, turn out to be nothing more than a step up in the ladder.

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The Man And The Sunlight

It is raining, but the other day it wasn’t. I was walking towards the subway stop when the sunlight broke the clouds and lit up everything around.

As I stood on the edge of the stairs, the elevator next to me started moving a middle-aged man appeared coming out of the underpass. Immediately, his face was touched by the sun rays and I saw his eyes squint and then completely shut. Face up, he stood still with his head lifted up savouring the light.

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