Therapy Through Writing

The One About Iskenderun

Marcus Brody, who is fluent in more than 12 languages according to Indiana Jones, has just slipped out of the train station in Iskenderun and was trying to find his way. He looked desperate until he finally met with Sallah, who was fluent in English.

The pure classic “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” is, it is also a perfect storyline describing the framework of an adventure out there.
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Writing On

I am now three blog post away from my initial goal, two if I don’t count this one – 300 published writings before 2019 hits in. This gives me actually only three days left in this year for writing.

When I started the #therapythroughwriting challenge, I wanted to bring structure to my creativity, a bit of discipline and most importantly shaping short stories in a coherent manner. Some 40 posts later I can’t help but think that this is only the beginning.
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Shtisel is an Israeli TV series I recently came to watch on Netflix. The story revolves around an ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jewish family, their daily life and choices they make along the way.

However fictional the family is, I can’t help but ponder on how little I know about the ultra-Orthodox society. The strict rules, the prayers and studying of the Torah, the arranged marriages, fear of dogs, the basic setting of their homes and the unpretentious cuisine are things I found interesting to learn.
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Jigsaw Puzzle

Working with a jigsaw puzzle is supposed to be a straightforward task. There is an exact amount of pics being available, a picture of the desired outcome and possibly enough time assigned for you to finish it. But things are not as easy as they look. Sometimes.
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The Hustle Before Christmas

For a first time ever, it felt a lot like a hustle before Christmas for the both of them. Nothing really went as planned or at least not as every year before that. It was just different.

They were together for decades and happily grew old together. They were never blessed with an offspring or even a pet, so Christmas was the time for them to channel the inner child in both of them.
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