It’s all about the moment isn’t it? The search for that perfect picture that will make your effort worthwhile. Well, everybody is striving for something, and for me that would be the search of that excellence behind the lens.

Photo gear – Canon 6D, Canon 20D geared with Canon EF 17-40mm/1:4,0 L USM, 50mm/f1.4 and 18-55 lenses and a Speedlite 430EX II Flash.

Now, I’ve heard from my friends that I shoot great pictures… I love them for that, but you should first consider the fact that they are my friends and kinda have to like my stuff, or at least tell me so. You don’t really have to! So, if you fancy a look, check the galleries below! Just click on the links below the photos.

The world in my eyes (lenses)…

Dresden – The Capital Of Saxony

Dresden is the capital of Saxony and a very interesting city to explore. It has one of the most interesting architectural setups in the German cities we have so far visited.

The Dresden, we came to experience and like very much, has absolutely nothing to do with the far right movement PEGIDA the evening news are picturing. It has castles, galleries, museums, people performing in open air for the pleasure of others and quite a room to stroll and enjoy the beautiful architecture.

Given the amount of sights, I would suggest that a long weekend is needed to grasp as much as possible of the cultural richness of the city. Keep in mind that most of Dresden was destroyed during the Second World War and consequently rebuilt to its previous glory. Here is a list of must-see sights:
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Geneva And Around

Switzerland is definitely among Europe’s most desired tourist destinations. And Lake Geneva (Lac Léman in French) is one of the jewels in the Swiss crown. If it wasn’t for the high prices of pretty much everything, I am sure that Lake Geneva will be even more popular among travel enthusiasts. It certainly has a lot to offer.

Geneva is a beautiful city that feels a lot like France. Naturally, people speak more French there than any other language. The cuisine is exquisite and the services are as punctual as one can expect in Switzerland. And the lake…Oh, the lake! It is magnificent. It actually feels like as if you are at the seaside.
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Stockholm – The Capital Of Scandinavia

Stockholm was yet another trip long belonging to my list. And in the recent years it was itching big time, especially after I have read the Milinium trilogy by Stieg Larsson. In fact, I was reading the continuation written by David Lagencrantz – “The girl in the spider’s web”. Stieg Larsson is no longer among us, but this wonderful city is pretty much there and it looks even more amazing than described in his novels.

The bucket list is the real reason to travel up north in September 2015. It was not just the desire to walk the narrow streets of Gamla Stan or one of the other 13 islands in Stockholm. It was not the Vasa museum where century old naval history meets the present and shows an exquisite and totally preserved ship at display. It was not also the quite rich and delicious cuisine the city can offer to its visitors (Boy, do they put mayo on everything!). It was the U2 concert.

It felt like I was waiting for this moment all my life. And I still cannot find the words to describe what I felt when I saw the two bands that helped me make it through my teenage and China years. Perhaps some other time when the writing muse visits me…

There is a lot to do in Stockholm. It is unbelievable how many museums they have. I would personally recommend Fotografiska, Skansen, Vasa Museum and Moderna Museet. And you must grab a bite at Östermalms’ Saluhall. Really, you should! Also, take the subway (red or blue lines) and visit all these wonderfully painted stops along the way. They are truly something.

The rest… Well, the rest is below in the pictures.
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Lisboa – Cidade da Luz

Lisboa (we know it as Lisbon) was a destination I’ve always wanted to visit. I have heard so much from people who have been there, saw it on the big and small screens in movies and documentaries, made plans… Finally, last March I found myself in Portugal’s capital.

The views, the food, the people… None of my written words would be good enough to transfer my impressions to you and know for sure that I have managed to entice at least a few of you to visit Lisboa.  I took 498 pictures and waited for more than nine months to show some of them to you. I wanted my infatuation to cool down. Impossible.
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Zurich – A Black And White Mask

Up until yesterday I intended to show the way I saw Zurich in every bit of color the rainbow holds and the city deserves. Contrary to popular believe, the biggest Swiss city is not all about finance and posh boutiques. It has so much life in it that a cold and rainy February weekend does no justice to. It deserves the rays of the sun to fall on it 365 days in a year.

For months I have worked down the 260 something frames I have shot to about 50. And when the time came for the final touches and choice to be made I learned that a close friend of mine is going through a rough patch. This fact has immediately changed my plan and I opted to publish only the black and white photography set I already had in mind.
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