It’s all about the moment isn’t it? The search for that perfect picture that will make your effort worthwhile. Well, everybody is striving for something, and for me that would be the search of that excellence behind the lens.

Photo gear – Canon 6D, Canon 20D geared with Canon EF 17-40mm/1:4,0 L USM, 50mm/f1.4 and 18-55 lenses and a Speedlite 430EX II Flash.

Now, I’ve heard from my friends that I shoot great pictures… I love them for that, but you should first consider the fact that they are my friends and kinda have to like my stuff, or at least tell me so. You don’t really have to! So, if you fancy a look, check the galleries below! Just click on the links below the photos.

The world in my eyes (lenses)…

Emilia-Romagna Bits

This is not the usual photo gallery from a trip to the Italian province of Emilia-Romagna. It is really hard to stay away from the historical and architectural sites of cities like Bologna or Parma, or the world-famous lasagna and parmesan cheese, both so famous about these two places, for that matter.

I tried to point my camera at the unusual, while I was there. I was looking for frames that will either capture a moment or something showing the feeling one gets in Emilia-Romagna. I think I managed to do so, at least for my own benefit in the days to come. As for you… I’ll let you decide on your own.
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Cesky Krumlov – A Day Trip

Cesky Krumlov (Český Krumlov) is yet another proof that Europe is old. This southern Czech city is an exhibit of times long gone, but yet preserved for the generation to come to see and admire. And it justifies completely itself as a UNESCO heritage site.

One autumn day, we have joined forces with a fellow traveller – Emil Stefanov, and hit the road bound northeast of Munich through highways and small roads, hills and valleys and the picturesque golden clothing of the woods. It was simply a fantastic day trip.
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Basel – A Photographic Impression

Basel is a city of many virtues and sights. It is a rich one not only history wise, but also in modern happenings. There is always something happening in the city.

For us, it was interesting to browse through the streets, churches and museums and learn about the Protestant Reformation and how the city came to be the way it is now. There were also many surprises along the way from day one. We saw a cafeteria for the first time being established in a… church. In that very protestant church, we saw an exhibition of the different types of veils Muslim women use to cover their heads. Here goes the prejudice of firm limits to the Christian faith. It seems that there is a way to cross those borders people impose on themselves. Well, the Church just as much.
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Paris, My Dream!

I fell in love with Paris in the early ’90s, when fresh out of first year at my city’s Lycée français I had my first visit at the french capital. Paris was, still is and will be everything I dream about a city to live in.

There is this particular thing about Paris existing in very few other places on earth that I admire so much. One walks on streets there and sees people with a variety of DNA, geographical and religious background. There is a representative of every single corner of this planet. These people go by their lives respecting one another, often smiling at each other and not even a bit being bothered by the obvious differences in clothing fashion, skin pigmentation or sometimes exploratory hair style. And this happens in the midst of splendid architecture, incomparable cultural heritage and plain joie de vivre.

For me Paris was always and is the future. My future. The one I wish the generations after mine to have – regardless of our differences, to live unconditionally empathetic and tolerant with each other.
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Beautiful Venice

Ah, Venice – the jewel of the Mediterranean! I am not sure there was anyone who counted the number of photos taken and published online after a trip to one of Italy’s most renowned cities. Or the number of romantic poems recited and proposal made on beautiful bridges, for that matter.

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Venice. It always feels as if it is the first time. And believe me, this time it took us an unusually long time to get there – almost eight hours by bus. The highways were simply packed with traffic and it was impossible to count the number of traffic jams we’ve got ourselves stuck into.

Nevertheless, it was more than worthy. I’ve got so taste again that think piece of pizza pie from a joint right next to the Rialto Bridge. I’ve walked to hours in small alleys and next to tiny channels. I took the vaporetto around and within Venice. It was simply magical. Again.
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