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Twitter, Chukolov and Eurocommunications

Oh, the variety of people who are on Twitter!!! Who said that this popular social network is only for geeks and geekettes? It is simply not true. Everyone wants to shout in the void and get some Twitter love. But when the going gets tough, the tough… ain’t going. Or at least not the ones that parade with their (in)significance.

Just last weekend I managed to score my first verbal abuse on Twitter. It is not something to be proud of. It is not something to show off with. But it is something on can be appalled by and share with as many people as possible…

Desislav Chukolov, a former MP in the Bulgarian and European Parliaments and a member of the nationalist party ATAKA, sent me the following tweet:

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Tweeting in Tongues

I tweet. A lot. Well, a lot more than I used to. Although I have a fairly low number of followers (currently at 283), they are not a homogeneous bunch of tweeps (people using Twitter) all fluent in English. They come from all over the place, and speak and shout in the Twitter void in a variety of languages. I do the same.

Part of the “being social” exercise is to communicate in a language your target audience is able to understand and engage in. For most of my followers it is English, but there are also small clusters of users and topics that need another linguistic approach – one that is part of their conversational sub-environment.
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2013 Resolution – Giving Back And Helping Good Causes

As far as New Year’s Resolutions go, I had some and more through the years. Some were turned into reality; others remained as a wishful thinking (still)… But on the verge of turning a new chapter with the upcoming 2013, I decided that need to give back more than I did in the years before…

Starting from this January 2013 I will proactively dedicate few hours of my time each month to help good causes with their digital communication efforts. And this will be done FOR FREE (a.k.a Pro Bono).
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Best Wishes For 2013

20121230-130711.jpgWe are about to enter a brand new year in our lives – 2013… In times like these we hope for newer trips down the happy lane – a new start for some, a great continuum of the status quo for others and prosperity in general.

I want to thank each and every one of you, who reads my blog, for doing so! You are giving me more than I believe I am giving you. Really! Thank you!

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On Hypocrisy

Last night I had a long conversation over Skype with a dear friend. We happened to be catching up and somehow ended up talking about friendship, Twitter, Facebook and what’s important.

In that conversation I used the phrase “the purest form of hypocrisy” and my friend stopped me there immediately and said “You don’t know how right you are!”. But why did I use this phrase?
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