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Three Day Madness At EuroIA 2014

Coming back from the EuroIA 2014 conference is hard. I wish it was more than three days packed with workshops in the morning, presentations in the afternoon and Belgian food and drinks in the evening…

Ah, la dolce vita this conference was! I have learned so much about information architecture, user experience and the community. And I could only be sorry that this was my first time at this annual venue.  Eric Reiss has been trying to get me to go ever since we have met back in 2009. Now I completely got it. He knew it. Now I do, too. Thank you, sir!

It amazes me how many talented individuals were present there.  The talks and ideas exchanged were focused exclusively on enriching each other’s practices and make us better at what we do.  The evidence of this is the tens of pages of notes my little red Moleskine has now, Steve Portigal’s book “Interviewing Users” I won in the raffle and he signed for me, the many questions in my head raised by Mags Hanley’s and Giles Colborne workshops on Organizing Content and Simplicity respectively…
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Sorry, Devs – User is The King – Get Over It!

Discussing Mobile OS User Experience


Lately, I have been under fire on Twitter for saying that Apple’s iOS offers the best user experience among mobile platforms. This cannonade comes particularly from the developers’ side of the equation, not the UX professional one. I guess this is more due to the perception that I am some sort of fan boy when it comes to this particular brand. I might be to some extent and I certainly find myself subconsciously biased on occasions. After all, I’ve been using Apple products since 2006 on a personal level and many others in my work – Microsoft, Dell, Android, Blackberry, HP etc… None of the latter has ever offered me a user experience getting even closer to the one that iOS has.

I am getting here on the wrong foot, am I not?
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MobX 2013 Is About To Happen

MobX 2013MobX 2013, here I come! All my bags are packed and I’ll be leaving soon on a jet plane, flying to Berlin.

I am excited. I always thought that EuroIA will be my first big conference. But so it happens, MobX 2013 conference is two weeks earlier this year. Moreover, it will be one focusing exclusively on mobile user experience – a field that without question will become more and more prominent in the very near future. The user does very intimate things with his mobile device. He hides it in the pocket, he puts it next to the pillow and he takes it to the loo, too.

MobX 2013 conference will take place in Berlin, Germany on September 13, 2013. And although it is Friday the 13th, it sure promises to be fun. The topics on mobile user experience and usability will be covering pretty much every mass used smartphone OS out there – iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8. There will be talks about enterprise mobility, multi-device world and… designing for Google Glass. The speakers lineup is also impressive. And since the conference takes place in Germany, I am sure there will be beer. And where there is beer, there is fun and laughter.
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On Your Website Content

Whether you are thinking of creating a new website or revamping your old one, you have to think content before you think design. Website content is the starting point. Remember this rule, because it cannot get simpler than this.

It is all about the user and what she/he is interested in. Unless your website is with a graphical focus, you are bound to create an engaging mixture of visual and textual bytes that entice the target and make it stay on your Internet real estate longer. And since the World Wide Web is the most populated area on this planet, you are competing big time for the user’s attention.
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13 Things I Hate About Your Website

1. Don’t make me register just to look around.

I may be a visitor, but what gives you the right to demand a visa to your little country in cyberspace?

2. Don’t ask if you can tweet on my behalf.

I just want to post a comment on your blog. And now you want to pretend to be me? No way! As Julia Roberts put it in “Pretty Woman”:  “I say who… I say when… I say who…” 
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