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How To Blog On Multiple Pages On Your Website

I have been contemplating the idea of offering multiple blog post pages set by topics on my website for some time this year. The thing is that I have three interests in the moments: 1) blogging in English about digital marketing, social media and user experience; 2) displaying my humble photography efforts (yes, I know humble is not the right word); 3) posting in Bulgarian mostly about things happening back home.

Expressing thoughts and laying them down on your personal blog is generally an easy thing. Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and many others are making it that easy.  However, they have almost nothing to do with the fact that blogs have one of the highest bounce rates on the Internet. Meaning that users visit your blog, read usually not more than one post and get on with their lives somewhere else. And this is why many bloggers are trying a variety of strategic approaches to offer more focused and organised display of their content.
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On Your Website Content

Whether you are thinking of creating a new website or revamping your old one, you have to think content before you think design. Website content is the starting point. Remember this rule, because it cannot get simpler than this.

It is all about the user and what she/he is interested in. Unless your website is with a graphical focus, you are bound to create an engaging mixture of visual and textual bytes that entice the target and make it stay on your Internet real estate longer. And since the World Wide Web is the most populated area on this planet, you are competing big time for the user’s attention.
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A Conversation With Timbuk2’s Community Manager

Following my previous post on Timbuk2’s social approach on customer services, I was happy to get in touch with Noel Kopp – Online Community Manager at Timbuk2. He is the person in charge of making the company’s social channels accessible and engaging. Currently, Timbuk2 runs a blog and has its own channels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. It is a handful, especially given the fact that their company is growing globally and has its sights set on international expansion. And we can see a nice social media mixture of visual engagement, as well as textual one. See for yourself!
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How To Broadcast Online A Charity Event

Few weeks ago, I had the honor to be part of an amazing challenge aiming to raise funds for two charities and scholarships for the future UK electronic engineers. This campaign is called Pedal4Innovation and it’s one of the most rewarding projects I ever undertook. As the name already suggests, it involved cycling that went  through the UK for over 400 miles in 5 days (as Part I); and later on a student contest based on innovation with development kits supplied by the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world (Part II). This second part is still to come.

Here is what steps I used to get the word out and engage with the community:

  1. Chose the social networks and media that would help us engage as many people as possible aiming to involve individuals and organizations.
  2. Took a quick inventory of the available broadcasting gadgets. Since we were to spend the week on the road, heavy equipment was not really an option.
  3. Made an editorial calendar pulling all pre-planned blogging, PR and status updates with call to action activities.
  4. Made sure I covered all the basics with the rest of administrative and logistical matters before I left for the UK. (One needs to have time to focus on the live coverage)

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