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Short reviews of books I read and I found interesting or not.

What I Read In April

During the month of April I have read some books and papers that left a deep impression in me. Previously I have shared on this blog recommendations on book concerning Digital Marketing, UX, IA, and Social Media. Each and everyone had its designated post. But lately, I have starting pushing myself to find the time to read more. Consequently, I have decided to share with my readers a list of my readings on a monthly basis (whenever I have something to share, naturally).

I hope these collections of monthly readings inspire you at least a bit. They certainly put my mind into reflection mode. And here are the ones that made my April readings list.
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Service Design – The Book

Service Design

Service Design

“Service Design”, subtitled “From Insight to Implementation” by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie & Ben Reason

Service Design has been a field I wanted to dig in for a while. And the geek that I am, I was looking to a book to start… Well, apart from all the blog posts I read here and there. The book that Polaine, Løvlie and Reason wrote, indeed is a practical guide on how to start and march through this complex task of creating pleasant service design.  In addition to the actionable advice there are many examples that put notions into perspective and create shared reference in the reader’s mind. And this certainly helps the newbie to start pondering on the topic.

This book is making constant references to the complexity of service interaction and the various touch points on different platforms/places. In the interconnected times we live in, it only makes sense to address design in a much more pervasive way than we used to a few years ago. Just going through the case studies presented in Service Design, one can get a few ideas on how to make the organization’s service offering better.
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Mobile First – The Book

The digital landscape is moving fast. Content consumption is shifting its pattern and mobile devices are taking a bigger chunk of the pie on daily basis. And in the mobile design world, Luke Wroblewski is one of world’s most renowned authorities. He speaks publicly, blogs and writes often to share his knowledge on designing for mobile.

And his book “Mobile first” (part of the A Book Apart series) is exactly that – sharing amassed experience.  Luke Wroblewski points out a few considerations everyone involved or planning a mobile design should pay attention to. The book is more of a strategic guide than an extensive how-to such. Nevertheless, it has with many examples, aiming to create shared reference and serve as a starting point in mobile design.
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