Blogging Abroad

Sometimes I blog at other platforms. Here I share where and when did that happen. Sometimes I repost here as well.

“Infographic Of The Day” Has A Brand New Look

“Infographic of the Day” is a tumblr-based blog I have been maintaining for more than 3 years now. Every day I am trying to offer a new visualization of data that I find interesting, compelling or simply useful to have a look at. As of today it features 1216 infographics and 432 followers.

At the very beginning I was only sharing infographics related to digital marketing in all its aspects – social media, search engine optimization, paid search, campaign management, information architecture and user experience, mobile marketing, e-commerce and so on. Then I started featuring other data visualization works on my blog – sports, health, humor and more. There are subscribers on my blog that appear to be appreciating the variety.
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Your Company, Social Media and Customer Service

My dear readers, just a quick note to let you note that I have just published a second blog post at FatDUX’s blog titled “Your Company, Social Media and Customer Service”. This time it is about customer service, social media, user experience and why your company should consider employing multiple channels to connect with its customers.

So if you fancy a read, please visit this link or paste! And as usual, don’t forget to browse beyond my post! You might learn something new or encounter a new point of view.

Update: This post is no longer available on FatDUX’ Blog, so please find it below as it was published there on January 19, 2011.

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Trips and User Experience

It seems blogging is taking more and more of my time and devotion.Which gives me quite a joy, by the way.

This time, however, I published a piece on information design, trips and user experience at FatDUX’s blog. So if you fancy a read, please visit this link! Don’t forget to browse beyond my post! There are some very interesting thoughts that deserve a read.

Update: You can also read the post below, but you will be missing the great posts available at FatDUX’ Blog

Trips and User Experience

We all take trips on regular basis. They might differ in destination, purpose and pace, but nonetheless we travel to that finale we once set foot to. And while we are at that, we do not venture on a flat surface, but rather go through a maze of intersecting multiple such ones. What I am trying to say is that we all have an ultimate goal, and although there are twists and turns in each road map we all get there eventually.

A few days back, I had to fly to Germany for one day – a quick in and out into the heart of technological country’s capital Munich. There were two meetings to attend and both of them required extensive hops on the trains. Now, my German, if I can say I have any, is strictly attached to the fact that I speak French and English. And if I try very hard, from time to time I can make up the meaning of all these signs, names and direction. I have to say that prior to the trip I was worried. No one was supposed to pick me up from the airport and I had to find my way in a city I have never visited before.

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Master In Digital Marketing At Instituto De Empresa

Master in Digital Marketing

I knew that someday I will be appearing on TV giving an interview and not filling up the movie set as it often happened in China… So here we go, a memory of a great day, when I was so moved by the fact that I managed to graduate Master in Digital Marketing at Instituto de Empresa and actually forgot more than half of the graduation speech I was giving… The listeners were very understanding and I love them for that…

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