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Шапката на българската демокрация

Шапката на патриотичността или новото парламентарно представяне са поредния комплект пирони в ковчега на българската демокрация.

В пореден епизод от сериала „Абсурдистан – страната на неограничените възможности“ един член на изпълнително бюро, един бизнесмен и един главен прокурор на Република България пият кафе в офиса на първия и обсъждат разни неща. Един зам. министър в новото правителство вдига волно ръка в хитлеристки салют на една снимка публикувана във Фейсбук. Едни медии прибягват до една медийна стратегия, която преди години беше прелюдията на едно от най-ужасяващите етнически прочиствания в съвременната история на човечеството.
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Brighton – An Unconventional City

Brighton is not the conventional and very British city you would expect to see when visiting the island. Its location, the see, and the many young people bring a slightly different taste.

Whether you are visiting the vibrant quarter named The Lanes with all its craftsmanship shops, restaurants and pubs, or you are just walking around, you are more prone to think of Brighton as a continental West European city than an English one.
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Ethics – Travelling With The User – Part X

Nowadays, more and more voices are raised in defence of ethics. And not only in the real world but also in the digital one. Your work speaks for you. It is as simple as that.

In his closing plenary at the IA Summit in Vancouver this year, Dan Klyn spoke about The Truth.

“The point of information architecture is making the complex clear. But not because clarity. Because the truth. The point of clarifying complexity is for there to be more and better the truth.”

We found ourselves in dire straits where it seems that the truth does not matter anymore and alternative facts can and are applied virtually for everything. It is not only about politics or the USA. Fake news has long ago made their way through Europe before they flew over across the pond. Those of us born on this side of the Berlin wall need no elaboration.
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Have Some Empathy – Travelling With The User – Part IX

Empathy is a key element of creating the digital space. Knowing why you are designing or developing a content vessel is paramount.

In the past couple of years, “empathy” has become a sort of a buzzword, just like user experience. In every meeting, there will be at least one person who will mention it. But this is not the reason for you to have empathy.

Being able to put yourself in the user’s shoes will make you a better designer/developer. Knowing the user’s emotional drive or what makes her use your app, platform, or web property will open your creativity.
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Scalability – Travelling With The User – Part VIII

Scalability is an integral part of any digital property, project or design. Without having it in mind, any project is just a project without a thought of the future.

The content, design or platform do not mature simply with you handing out the project, get paid and move on. It starts to live its own life at the moment it goes live. Things will be tweaked, issues will be spotted and changes will be requested. You can bet on that. Therefore, you need to think about scalability.
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